Why Aimee and Moses Chan clicked the moment they first met

24 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

“To find my other half should be considered as the best thing that happened to me in Hong Kong,” said Aimee Chan (陳茵媺).

Truthfully, this pairing should not be a surprise to anyone, reports Jayne Stars. Aimee, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, shares many similarities with Moses Chan (陳豪), who was raised and educated in Australia.

In 2005, Aimee traveled to Hong Kong alone to compete in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. After winning the crown in 2006, Aimee left behind her work in Canada to sign a management contract with TVB, and debuted in the drama Catch Me Now <原來愛上賊>.

Struggling with cultural differences and speaking in heavy Americanized-Cantonese speech, Aimee’s first few years in Hong Kong were difficult.

Evidently, due to their upbringing overseas, Aimee and Moses immediately clicked when they first met on the set of TVB’s Master of Play <心戰> in 2010. Aimee’s cheerful, positive, and straightforward personality balances well with Moses’ more introverted ways.

“I’m happy by the smallest things.” Aimee may now be a mother, but upon interacting with the actress, one may realize that her childish innocence was never lost.  She said with a smile, “In the past I never thought I would end up dating and marrying someone from the industry, but this is life. It always gives you something that is out of the expected.”

Though the couple met in 2010, Aimee and Moses did not begin to officially date until 2011, while Aimee was filming Ruse of Engagement <叛逃>.

On her character in the drama, which is currently airing in Hong Kong, Aimee said, “It is my first drama as a main actress. I worked hard on the role. She is very cool, and she is someone who tends to close off her heart to outsiders. Therefore, I worked extra hard on her emotional scenes.”

Aimee maintains that she is just a simple woman. She entertains at the thought that she is now a “Mrs” – a housewife – but she stressed that in order to be the perfect modern-day woman, she must be able to maintain both her career and her family.

Aimee is currently resting and caring for her three-month old son Aiden, but she plans to return in the summer to film a new TVB drama.

She said she was eager to return onscreen, but truthfully, she was considering having a second child after Aiden was born.

“When we were still dating, we planned in having kids. At the time, we wanted it to happen in 2014, but the baby came early. I’m ready to have a second child. I’m actually really conflicted! I do want to work first before trying for another, but I don’t want to wait too long. I still think that it is healthy for kids to grow up with siblings.”

At the mention of Aiden, Aimee reflected, “Taking care of him is a lot harder than I expected. Before my son was born, I would think that since I am used to the grueling hours of filming, I should be able to handle the lack of sleep, but that’s not the case at all.

"When you care for a baby, you have to give him all your mental and physical strength. Once he starts crying, you’d naturally just wake up and rush to him. But no matter what, being a mother is something that is happy and enjoyable.”

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