Why 44-year-old Michelle Reis will not give birth again -- especially not to a baby girl

27 May 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

44-year-old, Michelle Reis recently attended an event.

When asked about rumour relating to Cathy Tsui having 4th pregnancy, Michelle Reis said:

"Congratulations to her, different stages and it does not matter if she wants to have more. But as my child is grow up, my stamina is limited. (My son, Jayden wish to have siblings.) He saw his classmate's curly hair, green eyes and wished to have the same. He did not want black eyes but I said I could not help him."

Michelle Reis added her husband, Julian Hui is currently satisfied with a son and would worry more if they had a daughter.

As such, this convinced Michelle not to have another child, reports Asian E-news Portal.

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