Who wore it better? Secret's Sunhwa vs Sistar's Hyorin

31 January 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

The latest talking point off the keyboards of netizens has been the difference in look between Secret's Sunhwa and Sistar's Hyorin, after both turned out for events wearing the same top.According to a Kpop Exclusive report, the attention from netizens has been centred on Hyorin and how voluptous she looked in the pink corset outfit.Some netizens have also showered a bit of sympathy on Sunhwa for having to come under such scrutiny, and left comments such as "It's ok! She still looks cute!"These two celebrities are not the only ones who have been caught wearing similar outfits to a public event. Check out the gallery below of other celebs and see who made the better fashion call.

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