Who Selina Li will consider dating if she's still single in 5 years

24 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Yesterday, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Lin Xiawei, Pierre Ng, and Yoyo Chen took part in the costume fitting of TVB's new series, Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon.According to an article in Asian Fanatics, Kenneth disclosed that he and Selena are a married couple in the series and to demonstrate his love, he will ask the producers to add kissing scenes, as well as intimate scenes.To this, Selena responded by saying she would never kiss a man with a moustache. Kenneth said he'll try his best to persuade her and when reporters teased and asked if Kenneth isn't attractive enough to attract Selina, Kenneth shook his head and expressed that it is not related.He said he had seen Selena and Ruco Chan's many kiss scenes in Slow Boat Home, and he will have to search for his shortcomings.Selena then mentioned that if she still can't find somebody in 5 years, she will then consider Kenneth Ma as she loves Chinese guys.Kenneth said: "I'm a pure Hong Kong boy! Tell her to consider me!" With regards to Kenneth wanting to add intimate scenes, Selena laughed and said she will have to see if its necessary for the plot, but it is a fact she does not like men with moustache.Kenneth asked her to consider him, Selena said embarrassingly: "I'm not in a hurry. Five years later, if we're still single at that, age, then that's quite miserable. At that time, let's give it a try!"Photos in the gallery show snapshots of Selina Li 'manhunting' at nightclubs after ending her four-year relationship.

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