Who is this pretty lady G-Dragon took a photo with?

16 October 2013 / 3 years 6 days ago

YG trainee Jennie Kim took a picture with G-Dragon backstage of 'Inkigayo' for their collaborative performance of "Black," in which she was the featured artist.  

G-Dragon posted the pictures onto his Instagram.  In these pictures, the two of them look like they are close, reports an article on Allkpop.

As a matter of fact, they rather look like siblings as they both have a charismatic, yet sweet face and a bright smile.  The only striking difference is Jennie's long, slightly waved, raven-black hair and G-Dragon's short, platinum blonde hair.  

One netizen also said they looked like siblings.  Others wrote, "Seems like Jennie Kim grabbed the role of YG Princess," and "G-Dragon is so cute."

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