Who needs Bosco? Myolie Wu posts picture of herself hugging mystery man

5 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Myolie Wu recently surprised her fans by posting a picture of herself hugging a mysterious man.

Along with the teaser picture, she posted the comment 'I found it already'.

Myolie's recent failed relationship with Bosco Wong has brought much public scrutiny into her private life, especially after Bosco got reattached not long after.

Many believe Myolie was announcing a relationship with her cryptic post, but most are stumped as to the identity of the man in the picture.

Some netizens however, were quick to point out that man resembled Johnson Lee.

It turns out those fans were spot on, as new pictures were later uploaded by Myolie, showing that the man was indeed Johnson Lee.

In additions, a fan had snapped a picture of the pair at the airport together.

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