Whitney Hui labelled third-grade celeb due to diva attitude

14 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Former Miss Hong Kong contestant Whitney Hui's diva attitude on the set is causing disputes among her colleagues and even got her labelled as a third-grade celebrity.

According to a report on Jaynestars, the 23-year-old has scared stylists with her demands and complaints, and even got her dropped from acting jobs.

She was reportedly dropped from comedy drama Inbound Troubles 2 despite appearing in the first installment as the cast and crew did not want to work with her.

A source said Whitney is known to be a hassle and always want to have her makeup done first.

After her makeup is done, she will complain that the makeup is too heavy or too light.

The insider also revealed that stylists are afraid of her and that it is difficult to stand up to her.

Whitney has also picked on the fashions and even pointed out how the outfits smell funny.

On Jun 30, Whitney was reportedly unfriendly to the press when she was shooting scenes for variety show Street Sorcerers 2.

She was said to have glared at the reporters, and even snapped photos of them with her phone, reported Jaynestars.

She even asked the crew to get the reporters to leave.

When they were permitted to stay as it was a public area, she avoided them for the rest of the shoot.

Former co-star Jeana Ho, who worked with Whitney in Kan Kwai Fong 3, said she is quite character and that "no one can stop her!", said Jaynestars.

Ava Yu, however, disputed the rumours saying Whitney did not give her any problems or attitude when they worked together.

She shared that Whitney tends to keep to herself and is not very good at expressing herself, due to her introverted nature.

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