White Dragon King disciple Peter Lam pays last respects to master

30 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

The funeral of White Dragon King Chow Yam Nam who passed away on the 17th will take place Sunday (September 1).

Yesterday his disciple and currently Hong Kong Tourism Board chief Peter Lam Kin Ngok along with his rumored girlfriend Michelle Lam Bo Yin, son Lam Hau Yin and Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Lee Man Kiu arrived at the White Dragon King Temple to pay their respect, reported HKTopTen.

The local police led the way for the entourage and Madame personally welcomed Lam Kin Ngok and others; when Madame saw Lam Kin Ngok she broke down several times and Lam Kin Ngok was teary eyed too.

They first presented incense sticks then the White Dragon King's daughter Yellow Dragon King conducted a faith healing ceremony as she touched his head to bless him.

The ceremony took around 1 hour. After the monks completed their chanting Lam Kin Ngok and his entourage left.

Around 30 Hong Kong, Taiwan and other reporters rushed up for an interview, Lam Kin Ngok kept urging everyone to be careful. He said that Master's health was on and off but he still ignored his own health in hopes of helping even more people; as his disciple the Master's passing was like losing a loved one.

Of course he was not very happy. He could only ask Madame to take care.

Will he come again Sunday to send Master on his final journey? He said, "I really hope that I will be able to, because I am scheduled for something already I am making arrangements."

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