Which K-pop idols could make up the cast of 'Mean Girls'?

6 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Just a few days ago, people celebrated the tenth anniversary of teen movie classic, 'Mean Girls'. The movie was written by the ever humorous Tina Fey, who also starred in it.

This iconic film has a ton of famous movie lines that people love to use and plaster all over trendy fashion tees. This list from allkpop also celebrates this 'Mean Girls' fandom by thinking about which K-Pop idols could possibly take on these fabulous roles if there were to be a Korean version.

BoA as Cady

BoA began her career as a sweet innocent girl and gradually matured into the beautiful and confident woman we know today.

This is why she would play Cady well - she has that girl-next-door, almost shy vibe that Cady has in the beginning of the film, but she could also become the more confident version of Cady that takes place later on in the film because she has her own tough confidence.

BoA also enjoyed much success in Japan and as how Cady came from Africa, BoA can probably relate to a degree that sense of adjustment to another country.

G.NA as Regina

G.NA fits the bill pretty well, actually, because she has the looks and the body to play the most popular girl in school.

She could well portray Regina's sweet exterior while also turning catty for Regina's true interior. The blonde hair and pose also says it all.

Jessica as Gretchen

Jessica is always a good option for ditzy roles not because she's ditzy herself but because she played it so well for musical, 'Legally Blonde.'

She just has to make sure to tone down the Ice Queen image she has and just turn into the sweet Jessica plus the somewhat oblivious Ellen Woods to play Gretchen.

Minah as Karen

Minah could play the very clueless and ditzy character, again, not because she is clueless and ditzy herself, of course.

But she has that sweet and innocent appearance that she could use with thoughtless lines like the one above to play the character well.

CL as Janis

Janis is the toughest character in the movie, so a list of the toughest female idols was compiled, but CL hands down seemed to be the best nominee.

Have her hair back to black, maybe tone down her fierce level of intensity and swag, turn her more goth than hip hop, and she would fit Janis just the best out of the other options, really.

Shindong as Damian

Shindong would be a good Damian because he can be funny and a bit flamboyant when he wants to be.

The other choice was Jo Kwon, but he might be a bit much. The more subtle option would be Shindong as Damian is not too out there in the hyper department - just funny enough.

Taecyeon as Aaron

Aaron is really the typical good-looking, preppy, jock guy in high school with chiseled features and a handsome face. So automatically, Taecyeon came to mind.

He has the height and built of a popular jock as well as the handsome features that would win over any girll.

Ha Ji Won as Ms. Norbury

Ha Ji Won is not an idol, but she ould be a good choice for this because she's a great actress and could play anything from funny to serious roles.

Ms. Norbuy is a mix of subtle humor and straight-edged personality, which Ha Ji Won could probably pull off nicely while being a charismatic teacher.

Source: allkpop

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