Which Chinese beauty is the rumoured mistress of Nicholas Tse?

9 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: China BuzzIt put an end to Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s divorce rumor when Cecilia Cheung signed off on her divorce. But, rumors about Nicholas Tse’s mistress in Mainland continue.Since the thing is not cleared up, there are many speculations online, and it has made several women, like Taobao sensation Ruan Wuanxi and starlet Xia Xinyu, popular overnight.Ruan Weixi (first picture in gallery), born in the 90s in Zhejiang, is known for her shop Big Chil (大儿童) on taobao.com. There is a photo of her taken together with Nicholas Tse that has been widely circulated online, and netizens claim that she is the so called Xiao San (小三; mistress) that Nicholas Tse kept in Beijing which led to the marriage crisis between Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung. But later the rumour was clarified, as this photo was said to be taken when Ruan Weixi accidentally met Nicholas Tse in Hong Kong when she was shopping at IFC shopping mall there.Another rumoured mistress of Nicholas Tse is the starlet Xia Xinyu (gallery mages 3 to 11). Born in 90s too, model turned actress Xia Xinyu is loved by audiences for her pure and clean image. Photos of her and Nicholas Tse were also spread on the Internet with saying that Xia is the Xiao San of Nicholas Tse in Beijing. But Xia Xinyu herself has sternly refused the rumour, “Nicholas has been my idol since I was a kid. He is the standard of my lover in dreams, but I am not his mistress. Please don't use my admiration for him to create hype, or make up stories that defame my public image, or else I will retain the right to seek legal actions.‘But recently, a woman called Li Meixi (gallery images 12 to 15) from Shanxi (山西, a place where billionaire coal bosses are born), appeared, claiming herself as the very mistress of Nicholas Tse.It was said that she is from a rich family. She courted Nicholas Tse not for money, but on the contrary, in order to court Nicholas Tse, she is willing to pay out all her property. She declared online, “At the worst, I will ask my father to sell the villa, yacht, sports car, or sell hundreds of million worth of stocks.‘ At the same time, she constantly revealed her wish that she wanted to give birth to a “football team‘ for Nicholas Tse.These remarks have disgusted netizens, however she has reached her purpose to gain the public’s attention.

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