Where is Ris Low's new movie? No news 6 months after release of trailer

8 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Whatever happened to Justice Devil?

The much-hyped local full-length slasher flick, featuring dethroned Miss World Singapore beauty queen Ris Low in her debut big screen role, created a buzz last September following the release of its trailer on YouTube, reports The New Paper..

But, six months later, everything seems to have ground to a halt.

There is no word on the movie's release date in local theatres, nor any indication of a DVD release.

In a phone interview with The New Paper last week, Justice Devil's director, Indian-Singaporean filmmaker Harva, 27, said the production company, Lion City Film Studio, "has not yet submitted the movie to the Media Development Authority for classification".

However, he stressed that the film is not in limbo.

Low, 23, plays a mother who's devastated by the killing of her five-year-old daughter and decides to seek revenge on the murderers and drug kingpins, played by local actors Ernest Seah, Michael Chua and Daniel Chen.

Harva said: "Initially, we had some audio problems. Ris and Michael had to re-record their voices..."

With the technical issues fixed, he and the producers are "currently negotiating deals with movie distributors in Singapore and Malaysia" to have Justice Devil distributed in "more than two territories".

He declined to reveal which distributors he is in talks with.

Neither would he confirm when the film would finally hit the cinemas.

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