When it comes to actors, size doesn't matter

22 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The New Paper/AsiaOneNovelist Lee Child imagined his character Jack Reacher as a giant of a man standing 1.96m tall.Tom Cruise, who plays the man in the new Jack Reacher film, is a more modest 1.72m.This discrepancy has predictably driven fans of the book crazy, even though Child himself has said he's delighted with Cruise in the role.If history is any indication, everyone should just chill out.Actors are called actors for a reason.Short Tom Cruise as tall Lestat in Interview With The VampireThose complaining that Tom Cruise is too short to play Reacher would do well to read up on a little film called Interview With The Vampire (1994).Cruise was cast as uber-vamp Lestat, who was written by author Anne Rice as a towering Aryan.Rice herself was dissatisfied with the casting and said so publicly.Then she saw the film, and loved it. She ended up offering Cruise a personal apology.Tall Hugh Jackman as the short Wolverine in X-MenIt doesn't take much to get comic book nerds up in arms.They're protective of the characters they love, particularly when it's an iconic hero such as Wolverine.In the comic books, Wolverine is listed as 1.6m tall, but Jackman, who was chosen to play him in X-Men (2000), stands at an imposing 1.88m.Many fans were very upset, until they actually saw Jackman as the character.He became the franchise's break-out star, and even got his own spin-off, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).Middling Tom Hardy as super-tall Bane in The Dark Knight RisesTom Hardy is a well-built man, but he's far from a giant. At 1.75m tall, he's decidedly average in stature.This didn't sit well with many Batman fans when Hardy was cast as Bane, who stands more than 2m tall and weighs more than 180kg in the comic books!As it turns out, Hardy was brilliant as Bane, and won rave reviews. The movie went on to be the second biggest money earner of this year.

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