What's under a Prometheus engineer's suit? This gallery will show you

30 January 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Holy Space Jesus, the Engineers in Ridley Scott's Prometheus are ripped. Those milky abs, goodness ‘” they look like they came from Planet Albino Crossfit. Get a good hard look at all the rippled Engineer flesh in these amazing behind-the-scenes photos from Prosthetics Supervisor Connor O'Sullivan. We've got shots of their thighs, their super space suits, their sleeping forms, and a creepy "Elder" Engineer that didn't appear on screen, reports io9.All images are from Connor O'Sullivan's Facebook page (which has even more hot Engineer action). Now there's only one thing left to ponder: Where are the Engineer ladies, and why aren't they allowed to work with the other bald, presumably male, Engineers?Check out the gallery below for behind the scenes tricks and a never-before-seen characters.

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