What's that creepy thing on Hongki's hand?

21 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

F.T. Island made their comeback with "Madly" on November 20 when Hongki showed off his neat new stage accessory.

On November 19, he posted a few pictures of himself holding his new "skeleton hand microphone."  As you can see in the pictures, holding the microphone makes it appear as if a black skeleton hand is creeping over his own.
According to an article on AllKPop, Hongki is known to be quite a fan of skeleton accessories, which may be why he personally came up with this microphone idea.  He even affectionately dubbed the microphone "Skull Hong," which was made especially for F.T. Island's comeback stage to create an even more impressive and dramatic performance.  
You can watch the performance on 'Show Champion' below to see the microphone's cool effect and listen to their soothing song "Madly".
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