What will Chrissie Chau do for new role? Nearly anything

13 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Chrissie Chau has declared that her 'bottom line is pretty high' for her latest film, BAUHINIA HEROINE 3D (3D JI GAING HUP).

The 28-year-old actress said that she has signed a 12 film, HK$20 million deal with Stephen Shiu Jr.

She said, "This contract gives me the chance to try different characters. I thank him for the opportunity. I won't disappoint, I will work hard."

Chrissie revealed that she had always hoped to be an action actress.

She said, "I look forward to different roles, aside from action I also want to try romance."

As for how sexy she would be, she said, "I haven't thought about it particularly. It will depend on the script and the role. My bottom line is pretty high."

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