What tycoon husband gave Michelle Reis for her 45th birthday

27 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Although the seven-year itch is common for married couples, Michelle Reis and tycoon Julian Hui remain happily married.

The couple celebrated Michelle’s 45th birthday together, and Julian surprised her with a new pink cell phone engraved with Michelle’s name, reports Jayne Stars.

Julian is also extremely concerned about Michelle’s well-being and safety.

Earlier this week, Michelle visited her former school, Maryknoll Secondary School, for television program A Date With Luyu.

Although there was a signal 1 typhoon warning, Michelle insisted on visiting the school.

To ensure his wife’s safety, Julian took time off and personally drove Michelle to the interview site.

Dressed in a casual jacket and jeans ensemble, Michelle did not forget to kiss Julian on the cheek for being her driver for the day.

Although this was a simple gesture, it spoke volumes about the couple’s sweet relationship.

Humbleness Despite Wealth

Michelle has been a household name since winning Miss Hong Kong 1988 when she was only 18 years old.

After marrying Julian, Michelle retired from filming movies and dedicated her time to caring for her family as well as charity work.

Due to Michelle’s concern for environmental awareness, Julian opted for an eco-friendly BMW i3 electric car in lieu of the fancy Porsche that he normally drives.

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