What Taiwanese actress has to say about reports of her being smitten by Christopher Lee

22 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Singapore men are hot property now. Hong Kong-based actress-director Charlie Young just married her long-time beau, Khoo Shao Tze. Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu has staked her claim to one as well, businessman Sean Lee.

Recently, there are reports of Taiwanese actress-host Tien Hsin, 38, gushing about Singaporean actor Christopher Lee, who stars as her husband in the infidelity drama A Good Wife.

According to an article in The New Paper, she tells the Singapore media: "He is the epitome of the mature man. He's really nice, is good-looking, has a nice body. He's the perfect guy."

She adds: "When I saw him cry in the show, I felt like hitting myself. Such an attractive husband, how could I bear to leave him?"

But there is absolutely no question of her falling for him - she knows he is spoken for.

"The thought never even crossed my mind. Things that belong to anyone else, don't even think about it. I really admire him, but I won't have any other strange, wicked thoughts about him."

Indeed, part of what impressed her was how sweet Lee, 42, is towards his wife, actress Fann Wong.

She once saw him talking on the phone with Wong in a lobby and wondered why he did not just go up to his room. He later explained that if he had gone into the lift, the signal would have been cut off.

"Just look at that, goodness, how considerate is that?" she adds.

Photos: Taiwan Television Enterprise

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