What Raymond Lam really thinks of Karena Ng amid malicious rumours

29 December 2013 / 2 years 9 months ago

Having dated for more than a year, Raymond Lam (林峯) and Karena Ng (吳千語) continue to enjoy a loving relationship. The lovers believe their 14-year age difference is not a problem since they are able to communicate effectively. Raymond revealed that there is a special bond with Karena, who is a good match as a lifelong partner.

The press often reported Raymond constantly showering luxury gifts upon Karena, who was regarded as highly materialistic. Raymond said he was angered and hurt by the ludicrous reports. “I don’t understand why they must attack other people. That time (referring to when he professed his love for Karena seven times), I was only trying to protect those around me, doing what I should be doing.”

Raymond added that the only effect the lovers have on each other is a positive one. In fact, dating Karena has changed his personality in a mature fashion. Raymond shared, “I’ve become more open since being together with her, constantly revived with positive energy. I know I am now a better man.”

Although the media constantly put Raymond’s relationship with Karena in a negative light, he feels his family’s support. Allegedly, his parents have accepted Karena and have told him to quickly get married so he can start a family, reports Jayne Stars.

Raymond spoke openly regarding the topic of marriage and having kids. “I should be thinking about such matters,” he said. “I really want to play soccer and exercise with my future children. I also understand that as the eldest son, I should shoulder the responsibility [of starting a family].”

With many marriage and birth announcements from fellow colleagues within the entertainment industry, Raymond is moved and will leave the rest up to fate. Although Karena had denied being currently engaged to Raymond, it may not be too far away in the future.

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