What Raymond Lam does for GF Karena Ng despite having insufficient sleep

27 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Emperor Entertainment Group artiste, Raymond Lam attended the press conference of his company's 15-year anniversary event.

Initially, he was supposed to prepare his new album in the US during Lunar New Year, but there was a change of plan.

Raymond said: "I will film series in Mainland China first, as need to give opinions during recording. I do not wish to miss the promotion activities due to filming series. I will prepare my album after completing filming in July. My new album will consist trends from Korea and England."

When asked if the company complained when he failed to prepare his album during Lunar New Year, Raymond replied: "Nope. (Dating during that free time?) It is good. The company is fair and wishes to balance every singer. (To make you happy?) Yes and I am overjoyed."

When asked about his girlfriend, Karena Ng, who is filming a series in Mainland China, Raymond called her as BB and said: "Yes, BB will be filming series and movies.

"(Any free time to meet up?) Hope the crew team allows me to visit her. BB goes to Shanghai while I go to Hengdian (橫店) and stay around 4 to 5 months.

When asked if he still sees his BB despite having insufficient sleep, he replied, "You know me well."

When asked if he will be worried for Karena filming series in Shanghai, Raymond expressed he was not worried as she will be accompanied by her colleagues.

Raymond added that Karena brought many food over and she will return to hotel immediately after filming.

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