What Miss World Singapore 2014 wants everyone to know

16 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

By: Latashni Gobi Nathan
The New Paper
Thursday, Dec 11, 2014

The grand finals of Miss World 2014 will be airing on Sunday (Dec 14) at 10 pm. The pageant is being held in London this year, where over 120 contestants from around the world will be vying for the crown.

We checked in with Singapore representative, 20-year-old Dalreena Poonam Gill, before the big night to find out how she's doing.

We already know several things about the leggy beauty: She's one of three Singaporean female football referees. The only child has many pets and is a social butterfly.

But what else? The reigning queen opens up in an exclusive interview with The New Paper:

1) How have you been preparing for the competition?

I have been watching videos of previous pageants and reading up to expand my knowledge. I have also been working out to prepare for Miss World Sports!

2) Has your diet changed? Do you exercise?

No! I have not changed my diet at all. I really live to eat and actually do eat a lot. No one should ever starve themselves as a form of dieting.

What I do strongly believe in, though, is eating healthily.

3) Have people been noticing you on the street? What's the most interesting interaction?

Yes they have. Sometimes they take second glances at me. The most interesting interaction I've had would be with a lady in her 40s:

She spotted me at a mall, hugged and wished me all the best - even though that was the first time we've met.

4) Are you allowed to leave the house without looking perfect?

Yes I am. After winning, I knew that people would look at me differently, but I believe in being myself.

If I'm going to the gym, looking perfect or caking my face up is a no-go.

5) Who are you hoping to bump into or meet in London?

I am really excited to meet Aishwarya Rai (Miss World 1994 and Bollywood actress). She will be presented with an award at the Miss World finals for her contribution as 'beauty with a purpose' over the years.

6) Do you like tea? Are you going to drink lots of tea in London?

I love tea! Especially peppermint tea, which Miss World Mauritius introduced to me. Sometimes when I find it hard to fall asleep, a cup of tea helps to soothe and put me to sleep.

7) What do you want everybody to know about you?

I want everyone to know that I'm very down to earth and I do not believe in perfection. Everyone is different.

I want people to know that I'm still the same person. Many people think that beauty queens are stuck-up, but I truly believe in being humble and being yourself.

8) If you could ask a genie for three wishes, what would they be?

- My mother has been on kidney dialysis for many years now. I would love for her health to improve.

- For peace around the world. Too many crises and disasters have been happening.

- For all children to be born normal.

9) You have fantastic hair and make-up skills. What are your favourite products?

For my hair, I use the complete Dove series: shampoo, conditioner, treatment and serum. I have tried many products, but Dove suits my dry hair best! My favourite make-up brand is Dior.

I have always had problems with foundation. But I love the Dior star foundation. It's not harsh on the skin, is very light and has perfect coverage. Most importantly, it's safe for every day use.

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