What makes Scarlett Johansson so attractive? Experts give breakdown of her anatomy

15 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Is Scarlett Johansson the sexiest woman alive? The 28-year-old actress was recently named as such by US men’s magazine Esquire.

And she’s no virgin to the honour. Johansson was first awarded the title in 2006 and is the first to receive the accolade twice, reports ST Communities.

But perhaps it’s no surprise, considering that the green-eyed beauty packs an ample 36DD bosom, pouty lips, seductive eyes and perfectly sculpted legs on a petite 163cm frame.

The New Paper asked a panel of experts — plastic surgeons JJ Chua and Woffles Wu, heart-throbs Paul Foster, Shan Wee and Bobby Tonelli, beauty pageant judge Samuel Seow, and former New Paper New Face finalist and Mint Singapore model Monique Freidanck — to analyse Johansson’s various body parts and find out what makes her so alluring.


Said Mr Seow: “She doesn’t sport a signature hair-do like Jennifer Aniston and Liv Tyler.

“She was born a brunette, but has been seen blonde and red-haired and even had a mullet-esque pixie look once.

“Her luscious locks in The Avengers actually defines her look and could have contributed to her winning (the Esquire title).”

Said Hot FM91.3 DJ Shan Wee: “The fact that she’s blonde suggests she’s fun, like she’d suggest skinny-dipping with no encouragement needed.”


Said Freidanck: “Her eyes are always expressing this ‘come hither’ look that I think inspires both men and women to up their game around her.”

Said 98.7FM DJ Tonelli: “Scarlett has bedroom eyes that tell you, ‘Put that smartphone away and turn off the TV because it’s now time to share’. I would save a lot on my (mobile phone) data plan with Scarlett around.”


Said Dr Wu: “Moles are very strange things. They look good on some and awful on others, but it depends on the location (of the mole) and the kind of face. I have transplanted moles from one part of the body to the face to satisfy fengshui requests, but Scarlett is so gorgeous that she doesn’t really needs her mole (which is on her right cheek).

“I don’t think it makes her any more remarkable.”


“Every part of Scarlett is pretty because she’s got beautiful skin and well-proportioned features in a harmonious relationship.

“Imagine a girl with all her features, but a distorted nose? She won’t be pretty,” said Dr Chua.


“Those lips are full and lush, and probably the single... feature that I feel makes her. I’m a big kisser, so those lips on any beautiful girl would be very appreciated by me,” said actor Foster.

In the same vein, Freidanck said: “Her lips are amazing. They’re pouty but soft without overwhelming you, just like Angelina (Jolie’s).

“Her beauty is just effortless.”


“She’s got perky, well-sized breasts as part of her curvaceous figure,” said Dr Chua.

Said Shan Wee: “Her boobs are immaculate. If Michelangelo had been a baker and not a sculptor, these would have been his best-selling buns for sure.”


Said Tonelli: “I’m happy that Esquire has decided to choose a real woman with some meat on her as the sexiest woman.

“Nothing wrong with skinny women, but a woman with nice hips tells a man a lot about her.

“She isn’t afraid to have dinner and she would look good on an Osim iGallop exercise machine because only a woman with hips can pull that off.”


“She’s definitely voluptuous and shows off what she has very well. That bum on her curvy body never fails to turn heads,” said Foster.

Said Dr Wu: “Her legs are long and lithe and perfectly harmonious with her butt mounds, which are firm and ‘holdable’.

“In the Avengers, she kicked bad guys around in a body-hugging leather suit and many men would have wished to be in their shoes.”


Said Mr Seow: “There are pictures of her legs on the Internet showing some unsightly cellulite. One can see the magic that make-up and Photoshop can do.

“She does seem inordinately proud of her legs though as she even bared them during a snowstorm in New York earlier this year.”

But at the end of the day, as they say, it’s the sum of the parts that make Johannson special.

Said Dr Chua: “Beauty is a symphony of pleasing parts in harmony, while sexy comprises self-confidence, poise and style. Scarlett Johansson is both. Her features have a harmonious relationship and it’s the summation of these beautiful parts that make her ‘The Sexiest Woman Alive’.” 

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