What makes the perfect K-pop face and body?

23 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

V-line, s-line, x-line, ant waist, small face, honey thighs, golden proportions. Korean beauty standards, and specifically K-pop beauty standards, are based around a list of specific traits and proportions that when put together make the perfect body.There is nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful, but the specific proportions that are ideal in K-pop end up contradicting each other, making perfection difficult to reach. When multiple ideal body proportions are grasped by luck of the genetic draw, or some other method, it tends to end up looking more unnatural than beautiful, reports Seoul Beats.Not only is having a small face desirable in K-pop, but having a small head in general is as well. The biological norm is to have small features that are proportionate to your small face. Since, genetically, it is contradictory to want to have a small face but to want facial features to be large, when these two traits are actually combined it causes the face to have a disproportionate look, reminiscent of a baby animal.As for body shape in general, being tall with long skinny legs is often touted as the ideal frame. Once again, this is a bit of a contradiction because an equally proportioned body will not have legs too skinny to support the height.

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