What made Girl's Day Sojin so upset she teared up on air?

24 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Girl's Day's charismatic leader Sojin showed a new side to herself and shed tears on the July 23 installment of KBS 2TV's 'Vitamin.'

On this episode, she had to get tested on various things from physical health to stress levels, reports allkpop.

She revealed on the show that she was the type to get stressed easily, particularly by aggravating herself. The doctor on the show said that while Sojin did well on the physical test, she scored badly on the tests for stress and depression.

High stress levels negatively affects the body by lowering immunity.

The doctor also said that Sojin tested for low self-confidence, which surprised everyone on the show, and advised that she look at herself in the mirror often to compliment herself.

Hyeri said that even complimenting her would not work as Sojin would just ignore the compliments, thinking they were not sincere.

At this point, Sojin really started to shed tears, although she continued laughing brightly.

When asked the reason behind her crying, she said she felt like she had been caught.

To lighten the mood, comedian Kim Sook joked that Sojin should join her group instead, naming the other comedian members, such as Song En Yi, Lee Young Ja, and Kwon Jin Young, saying that the last one caught the princess virus, so Sojin would catch it, too.

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