What K-pop stars would do for fame: Singer drops 10kg for debut

2 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Superstar K5's Park Shi Hwan shed a massive 10kg for his debut.

Appearing in a topless teaser, his leaner appearance surprised many of his fans, showing how far he was willing to go for a successful debut.

Park Shi Hwan is said to have decided on the look for his teaser himself.

A set official said, “Park Shi Hwan wanted to show that he’s leaving his old self behind, and reveal his determination for the future. 

While it is a bold decision to be made by a rookie, we’d appreciate it if everyone recognized his hard work, with his lifelong dream of singing ahead of him.”

Park Shi Hwan, through exercise and diet, also lost 10kg (about 22 lbs) for his debut.

“With my dream of a debut coming up, I wanted to show my determination with my bare body before I do it with my voice,” said Park.

Park Shi Hwan is the first to release a debut album among the top 10 contestants of “Superstar K5,” and has previously proved his potential as an artist through his song “The Way We Loved” for the drama “Emergency Couple,” which had success on online music charts.

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