What Joanne Peh felt helpless about as a teenager

30 November 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Home-grown artiste Joanne Peh may be the envy of many with her radiant skin, but the 30-year-old actress claims that it wasn't always the case.

Like many teenagers, Peh had her fair share of battles with pimple outbreaks and she even admitted to feeling "quite helpless" back then when she was a teenager, reports MyPaper via AsiaOne.

"Don't take your skin for granted," advised the porcelain-skinned Peh at a press conference at St Regis Hotel earlier this month, where she was unveiled as the new celebrity spokesman for Bella Skin Care.

Having become more experienced in dealing with skincare issues, her advice to teenagers battling outbreaks is to "leave it to the professionals...and don't pop pimples".

Consulting a skincare professional is very helpful and important, emphasised Peh. She added that going for treatment is "important", and skincare professionals are the ones who can tell you which treatments would suit your skin best.

Besides her daily routine of cleansing and moisturising, Peh never fails to take a serving of fruit every morning. She especially tries to take berries, because of their anti-ageing benefits.

When her schedule allows, she will try to go jogging every day. "I feel uncomfortable if I don't exercise," explained Peh.

While beauty may be only skin deep, Peh feels that having beautiful skin will help boost one's confidence.

"When you're confident, people can sense it," Peh pointed out. "Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves."

On her days off, Peh reveals that she does not use make-up. She believes that using less make-up will help her achieve a better complexion and, with a better complexion, not as much make-up is required. This will result in a "good cycle".

A good complexion is very important to her job, explained Peh. "It's more visually appealing (for audiences)."

Peh, who had just finished filming the Channel 8 trilogy The Journey: A Voyage, is the second celebrity spokesman for Bella Skin Care, after actress Fann Wong.

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