What Jay Chou said when asked 'if he is making a baby'

26 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

He once said he would be married at age 35, and recently, pop king Jay Chou announced that he would be "a man of his word" and marry model Hannah Quinlivan before January next year.

Speaking to the media at a Golden Melody Awards lecture, he said he had not yet popped the question because he is still conceptualising a special, romantic proposal, reported China Times.

A proposal in Europe, followed by a wedding on an island, is nothing new and he wants to do something different, he said.

He promised reporters that he would not wed secretly, saying: "I'll ask you to a meal, so you won't keep asking me this and that."

Chou, 35, has been linked to Quinlivan, who turns 21 in August, since 2011. Recently, they have gone on high-profile dates, including a trip to a night market in Kaohsiung, and another to Tamsui to see alpacas.

He said: "Even if you wear a mask, everyone knows it's you. Why wear it then?" Once, they went out with his mother and her dog, as a family of four. Chou said it "felt pretty good" and he felt like having a baby.

However, when asked if he is making a baby, he answered: "The time isn't ripe."

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