What? Jackie Chan says son should stay in prison for 6 months every year

3 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Jackie Chan (成龍) appeared on Mainland variety show Day Day Up (天天向上) as the anti-drug ambassador with narcotics police officers to promote drug control.

Regarding his son Jaycee Chan (房祖名) who was arrested last year in Beijing for drug use, Jackie once again thanked the public safety administration and said this was a valuable lesson because Jaycee didn't even know what poverty meant before this happened, reports Asian E-News Portal.

He claimed Jaycee has changed a lot after his release from prison.

Now, he would place his shoes back where they were originally at, he would place the dishes in the kitchen sink after he finished eating, and even read books and write songs.

He smilingly pointed out that Jaycee has done all the things he hasn't done in the past years during the past six months. He said: "Every year, he should stay in prison for half a year."

Jackie also stated that he hasn't scolded his son about the drug scandal since he felt that Jaycee has already gotten his punishment.

He pointed out that his son is afraid to see others and afraid to look at him when he speaks. When Jaycee was released from prison, father and son embraced one another.

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