What it costs to woo a 'princess' like Angelababy -- and it's not cheap

5 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Just what does it take to woo a girl like Angelababy?

A birthday Lamborghini, a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, and now, a mansion in Shanghai.

Huang Xiaoming has evidently been pandering to her 'strong princess complex',  according to one friend of hers.

On February 28, he had officially announced his relationship with her and sent her a new Lamborghini for her 25th birthday.

According to a report on QQ.com, when they first started dating, he made a special trip to Hong Kong Disneyland with her, where they took an intimate photograph together. During their recent trip to Disneyland, they snapped a similar photograph to commemorate their four-year relationship.

One year, Angelababy revealed in an interview that she liked a pink Birkin bag designed by Hermes. Xiaoming later asked his friends to search the entire globe for the bag so he could gift it to her.

Another year, when Angelababy spent Valentine’s Day at Xiaoming’s home in Qingdao, he covered her bed and the floor with rose petals while she was sleeping.

Knowing how much his girlfriend likes princesses, he prepared a birthday cake shaped like a Disney princess’s castle for her this year.

Two years prior, he celebrated her birthday by reserving a hotel ballroom and filling it with roses and multicolored balloons, as well as sending her a giant heart made out of 999 roses.

While the couple was on vacation in the United States, netizens noticed that Angelababy was wearing a new ring in one of her Instagram photos, sparking rumors that she and Xiaoming had secretly registered their marriage in Las Vegas.

However, a friend revealed that it was just a gift, not an engagement ring, and that the ring was just one of as many as ten rings he had given to Angelababy over the course of their relationship. 

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