What happened? Money goes missing from Linda Chung's bank account

21 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung was shocked to find out recently that money has gone missing from her wallet -- even thought she has no clue as to what happened.

According to an Oriental Daily report, Linda said that she withdrew HK$6,000 (S$980) from an ATM during the Lunar New Year festive period to treat the crew to pizza for their work in the shooting of The Great Pharmacist, a new TVB series.

"That day, the bill for the pizza came out to only HK$2,000 (S$326). I did not check the remaining cash in my purse for a few days after that.

"One day, when I was paying up for fruits at the supermarket, I opened my wallet and discovered there was only HK$150 (S$24) left!

"There was supposed to be a remainder of HK$3,500 (S$570) in there."

While one can never rule out the possibility of a thief in a situation like this, Chung could not be sure if she herself had maybe dropped it in a moment of clumsiness.

"(I didn't call the police as) I was still filming outdoors then. I just have to take this as a lesson learnt, and maybe a blessing in disguise too -- a small loss to prevent a big disaster.

When asked if a co-worker could have taken the money from her, she said: "No. Of course I should be responsible for my own things and should not go and doubt others.

"From now on, I'll pass my valuables on to my assistant."

Chung's boyfriend, Philip Ng, said in another interview: "She told me about this. I asked her to look carefully first. If she can't find it, then that's okay too because she can earn it all back later.

"Actually, Linda is a careful person. She is responsible for everything she does so there is no need (to buy a gift to cheer her up)."

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