What happened? Gillian Chung gets all emo on Weibo

4 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Singer Gillian Chung left an emotional message on Weibo, hoping that the people will continue to support and not hurt her even if they disliked her.

She said: "I only wish to say like means like and please do not hurt me even if you dislike. It is as simple as it is. It does not matter to me as to those who said I am not. Please do not worry and feel heartache for me.

"The gracious heart is unable to contain a smallest issue and vice-versa. Plus I have a very strong inner feelings and isn't it very surprising? We should put down whatever is required to and relax our mind. Good night!"

Looking at the photo, Gillian seemed to be unhappy. Thus, the netizens started to show their concern and support by leaving their messages, reports On.cc.

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