What Elanne Kong may be forced to pay in settlement will stagger you

9 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Elanne Kong’s relationship with management company, Universe International, is growing more bitter by the day. 

According to a report on Oriental Daily, after crying about not having received a salary for ten years of work, Elanne has allegedly refused to sign a remaining five-year contract.

In response to her move, Universe took legal action against Elanne, and the reported amount of compensation for turning down the contract could possibly be an eight-digit sum.

Universe earlier sent out a legal letter with additional documents to Elanne, asking for her signatures immediately.

According to reports, the documents included a film contract for Hot Madam, directed by Wilson Chin, as well as a management contract.

Universe stated that if Elanne fails to sign the documents by a certain deadline, they have the right to investigate the resulted loss she brings to the company.

Universe executive Alvin Lam exclaimed, “We will investigate the matter until the very end!” In terms of the current situation, Alvin revealed, “Elanne did not sign the film contract. Furthermore, she completed ten years of work, but refused to continue with the remaining five years. This is obviously a breach of contract! Everyone should respect what was written on contracts! We have handed everything over to the lawyers and will investigate until the end.”

When Elanne was asked about the case’s progress, she reported there has been no reply from the lawyers yet and will leave them to handle the business.

On the other hand, director Wilson Chin already has names of other female artistes who can replace Elanne for her role in Hot Madam. Since there is still one month left before filming begins, there is time to make adjustments to the script.

Director Chin shared this is not the first time a main lead has dropped out on him and there was a similar experience in the past when actress Dada Chan suddenly disappeared in the midst of filming.

Producer of Hot Madam, Charlie Wong , expressed that relations with Universe have been good and they will not ask for a compensation regarding Elanne’s dropout.

He added, “It’s unfortunate that we’re unable to work with the company’s artiste, but hopefully there will be a chance in the future.”

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