What does Cecilia Cheung do when son has loose tooth? She pulls it out herself

30 May 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

After migrating to Singapore, Cecilia Cheung has been spending more time volunteering to help build relationships and pave a better road for her sons’ education.

In attempt to broaden Lucas and Quintus’ language skills, Cecilia converses only in English and Mandarin with them, reports ihktv.

By chance, one of Cecilia’s friends uploaded a clip of Cecilia speaking in highly broken English and Mandarin, despite having studied in Australia.

In the video, she said, “You guys eating and playing Lego.” Popular English tutor, Starr Lam saw the video and exclaimed, “Cecilia’s Hong Kong style English contains errors that Grades 9 and 10 make.

She would miss a verb. For example, the correct form would be ‘You guys are eating and playing Lego,’ she still has a lot to improve on!” Cecilia further exhibited her poor pronunciation abilities in an interview for a Korean TV show.

She was unable to pronounce her ‘L’ sounds, and instead of stating that Koreans are very ‘chill’, Cecilia said, Koreans are very ‘chew’.

On the other hand, Starr Lam exclaimed that Lucas’ English is far superior to Cecilia’s pronunciation.

Previously pegged as an irresponsible parent because she would often pull Lucas and Quintus out of school, Cecilia is determined to be a better mother for her children.

Taking more time out of her busy schedule, the actress celebrated their birthdays and Mother’s Day despite being very ill.

When Lucas had a loose tooth, Cecilia took the responsibility and pulled it out herself, and did not bring him to the dentist.

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