What do you think of celebrity diving shows? Here's Anthony Wong's take

24 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Recently, China's reality diving programs like 'Celebrity Splash' and 'Stars in Danger: High Diving' caused a stir when celebrities were invited to participate.According to an article in Asian Pop News, celebrities who participate get a crash course before taking the plunge on the diving board.Celebrities who have taken part like Rain, Charlene Choi and Han Geng have sustained injuries after participating in the programme. The death of Peng Jiaxuan, assistant to Chinese actor and martial artist, Shi Xiaolong during a training session, however, has sparked criticisms from celebrities like Anthony Wong.Anthony Wong blasted the program on his Weibo account saying, "Something has finally happened at the diving programme which plays with life."Did they even think about it properly? They might as well suggest that celebrities jump down from a building to boost ratings," he continued. View the gallery for images of stars taking part in these reality diving shows.

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