What? Christopher Lee can now breastfeed baby Zed

12 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

By Charlene Chua
The New Paper
Friday, Jan 09, 2015

When Christopher Lee won the Best Actor award at Taiwan's prestigious Golden Bell Awards last October, he credited five-month-old son Zed as his lucky charm.

In fact, the doting father told The New Paper he loves baby so much, he does everything, including changing nappies.

But it's a pity he can't breastfeed the kiddo - something the 43-year-old would definitely do if he could.

So mischievous actress-wife Fann Wong, also 43, tried to get him to make good on his promise, just for laughs.

Three days ago, she posted a picture on Instagram showing a breastfeeding gadget made for men, which touts itself as the number one device for the stronger sex.

Her caption: "Nah (there you go), husband, for you." #enjoytheprocess ​The garment, which comes with two milk bottles, is supposedly for men who suffer from "breast-feeding envy".

That's the term used to define a man who feels left out after childbirth - as wife and baby bond over breast-feeding.

Don't let my wife see

Another father, 29-year-old local actor Andie Chen, commented on Wong's post: "You must not let my wife see this. Please."

Taiwan-based Chen lives with Taiwanese actress-wife Kate Pang and seven-month-old baby son Aden.

Alas, his plea fell on deaf ears. Wong tagged Pang on the picture of the breast-feeding device for men and wrote: "Nah (there you go)."

Perhaps the device would come in handy if the celebrity couple plans to expand their brood.

This week, at the press conference for slimming centre Marie France Bodyline which Wong was spokesman for, Lee told her: "Let's start trying for our second baby."

Good luck Chris.

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