What Chow Yun Fat thinks about Miss Hong Kong contestants

4 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

From Vegas To Macau (Doh Sing Fung Won ) originally planned to shoot a swimming pool scene at a Macau hotel yesterday, but it was cancelled due to rain.

They could only shoot the group scene with Candy Yuen Ka Man, Winnie Leung Man Yi, Tony Ho Wa Chiu and Mainland actor Gao Hu, reports hktopten.

Chow Yun Fat's scene was postponed and thus he returned to the hotel room for make-up removal and rest.

Although the production was hindered, Fat Gor did not feel disappointed. "With so many pretty girls, I had all the 'ice cream' before taking off!"

Fat Gor also watched the Miss Hong Kong pageant. He praised the candidates as very pretty.

As for Miss Hong Kong Grace Chan Hoi Lam being compared to Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun) about her lack of figure, Fat Gor showed his support. "Is Miss Hong Kong required to have a figure? She is about intelligence and beauty. She doesn't need figure! Now we have so many pseudo models."

Fat Gor did not go to the casinos in Macau because he was afraid of distracting gamblers. "They are making a killing, people's lives are at stake, a greeting could cost them several hundred thousand, what am I going to do if they lose and jump? I don't want to kill anyone!"

Fat Gor said his character in the film had no shade of God of Gamblers. He joked, "Actually it isn't 'Gambling City Storm', which is hard to pass a Mainland inspection. It should be called Island 'City Storm'."

Fat Gor earlier saw TVB anchor Bob Lam Chi Bok who participated in THE VOICE OF THE STARS covering the shoot. He praised his singing and supported him for the comeback match.

Annie Wu (Ng Sun Kwan) in the film played a conservative woman and did not need any sexy performance.

She said that working with Fat Gor and Ting Fung felt very different. "Fat Gor is a good actor and is very lively, he always makes everyone very happy. Ting Fung is just as quiet as he was when we worked together years ago. His coolness isn't pretend, it came from inside. However he is a nice person."

She said that after the shoot she will begin parenthood plans with her husband. 

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