What Charlene Choi and William Chan got up to late at night

26 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Even though Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and William Chan are away from each other more often than they are together, their relationship is stable.

To maintain their relationship, Ah Sa flew to mainland China to visit her boyfriend while he was filming a drama, despite her busy work schedule. 

According to 3 Weekly via TVB Newsworld, William also moved into another unit in Ah Sa's condominium block, allowing them to stay together but also have their own space. 

What is most important is that from time to time, they can invite friends over to their homes without affecting family members.

Ah Sa and William Chan can live close to each other and also have fun.

It appears that recently, Ah Sa and William Chan met up with friends for a karaoke session. The group included Aaron Kwok, Laurinda Ho, choreographer Shing Mak, Kenny Kwan's rumored girlfriend Crystal Pa, Derek Tsang and more.

The group had fun from midnight until 4am, enjoying themselves to their heart's content before returning home.

Earlier that evening, Ah Sa left her home in her BMW which was a gift to herself.

When she left the karaoke place, Ah Sa who drank was very well-behaved, and handed her car over to her boyfriend who did not drink.

Even though there were reporters taking photos when they left, Ah Sa waved at them very politely.

On the other hand, William Chan was expressionless.

The couple enjoyed a few precious hours together before William flew to Shanghai. 

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