What Chapman To had to go through to prepare for role with Japanese AV actresses

30 March 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

While filming the comedy Naked Amibtion 2, Chapman To admitted he felt very 'embarrassed' and had to 'break through emotional barriers' for his role.

Following the success 2003's Naked Ambition, which starred Louis Koo and Eason Chan, the 3D sequel will hit theaters on April 3, 2014.

Naked Ambition 2 also stars Derek Tsang, Candy Yuen and Japanese adult video (AV) actresses Taka Katō, Kana Yume, Anri Okita, Tsukasa Aoi, and Yui Tatsumi.

Louis Koo also makes a guest appearance in the film, reports Sina via Jayne Stars

To prepare for his scenes in Naked Ambition 2, Chapman To went to the gym for half a year.

He dropped a significant amount of weight and sculpted his flabby body with muscle building exercises.

Despite his fabulous new body, Chapman revealed that he felt awkward taking off his clothes on the set.

Derek Tsang felt sorry for Chapman after watching his scenes with the Japanese AV actresses, and was glad he only had one shower scene in the movie.

Jayne Stars quoted Chapman as saying, “I felt like a sex slave during the filming. I had to break through emotional barriers for not wearing underwear briefs nor sticky tape while walking nude on the set.” Chapman added, “[Real sex] was not involved since it was only a movie.”

He revealed that every time they finished a scene, crew members would immediately bring him a towel to cover up. A Japanese AV actress asked why Chapman wanted to use sticky tape to cover up his private parts.

Afterward, Chapman followed his Japanese co-stars’ practice and decided to go bare without any sticky tape coverage. “It was okay after getting used to it. It felt like pork slicing against pork.”

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