What Aimee and Moses Chan did during their secret wedding trip in Paris

18 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

On June 12, Aimee Chan made a surprising announcement through Weibo that she and Moses Chan had gotten married. To avoid the Hong Kong press, Moses and Aimee held a secret wedding in Paris. Reporters still managed to successfully track them down, and photographs of their five days spent in Paris were revealed, reports Next Magazine. On June 8, Moses, his mother, and his eldest brother were spotted at Hong Kong International Airport. Fifteen minutes later, Aimee appeared accompanied by Moses’ manager. The group then set off for Paris on different flights. Moses and Aimee’s flight landed in Paris first, and the two took a hotel shuttle bus to La Reserve Hotel located close to the Eiffel Tower. Their family members stayed at Metropolitan Hotel, just down the street. Moses was spotted heading into a nearby flower shop to get fresh bouquets for the wedding. At noon, Aimee, Moses and their family members met for lunch at Café du Trocadero. After taking a break inside the hotel, Moses and Aimee went shopping on Avenue des Champs-Élysées. They exhibited intimate behaviour. While waiting for a taxi, Moses hugged Aimee from the back and kissed her head ten times. He also placed his hands over Aimee’s belly, which is reportedly carrying a three-month baby. Although Aimee’s belly is still, not apparent, her hips have become noticeably wider.That night, Aimee went on a dinner date with two close friends, Priscilla Chi and Heidi Chu, at the 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant. They were the only ones from the entertainment industry who went to Paris for the wedding.On the morning of June 10, Moses, Aimee, and family members were seen carrying fabric and objects in preparation for the wedding. The rest of the day was spent organizing and preparing wedding arrangements.After the wedding was held, the group left Paris immediately. Moses returned to Hong Kong for work, while Aimee flew to Toronto with her family. One of Aimee’s close friends revealed, “Aimee hasn’t decided whether she wants to give birth in Toronto or Hong Kong yet. Her family wishes she would stay in Toronto so they can take care of her. The environment is also better with the lack of reporters following around. But Moses accepted new work, and would be unable to stay in Toronto for long, so the decision still hasn’t been made.‘Related story:Guess how much Moses and Aimee Chan's lavish Paris wedding cost

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