Were deaths of Ladies' Code members hinted at in their last video?

18 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

An article on vigilantcitizen.com has suggested that the deaths of Ladies' Code members Rise and EunB foreshadowed in their last music video, Kiss Kiss.

The author has broken down 'clues' from the video. He wrote:

"Two members of the popular K-POP band Ladies’ Code tragically lost their lives in a violent car crash on September 3rd. The imagery of their last video depicted them literally flirting with death. Were they the first Illuminati sacrifices in K-POP?

"Shortly after the car crash, a few strange facts surfaced, causing some observers to believe that the van used by Ladies’ Code was sabotaged.

"First, the van was not the group’s usual vehicle but a rental that was “used for the first time”. Second, the airbags did not deploy. Finally, a wheel completely flew off from the vehicle. This is a rare occurrence, especially with recent vehicles.

"While this entire event can be written off as an unfortunate accident, there are signs of it being a pre-planned Illuminati sacrifice. The most troubling of these signs is the group’s latest video Kiss Kiss which clearly gives the group a kiss … of death.

"Although the lyrics of the song Kiss Kiss are kissing a boy, the video gives the song a darker meaning: It is about, literally, the kiss of death.

"Released less than a month before the tragedy that killed singers EunB and RiSe, the video portrays members of the group exposed to death in several ways. Here are key scenes from the video.

"The video begins with the members of Ladies’ Code visiting a dead man lying inside a casket. The girls oddly act as if they are attracted to him.

"Later in the video, each member visits the dead guy and attempt to kiss him (why?). When EunB (one of the two singers who died in the car crash) visits the man, he gets up and kisses her.

"In another scene, EunB is shown sitting in front of a target while arrows are shot at her.

"In the video, death is also represented using poison.

"The video ends with a strange scene, and considering what happened to the RiSe, it becomes even more troubling. RiSe is indeed shown moving towards a wall on which there’s a black face."

What do you think? Broswe the gallery for a closer look at these 'clues'.

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