Wedding bells for Park Bom? She's interested in this Korean hunk

2 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Jocelyn Lee
The New Paper
Sunday, Jun 29, 2014

There will be wedding bells. That is if local fans of popular K-pop girl group 2NE1 have their way - they want member Park Bom to get attached.

Over 3,000 fans gathered at the press conference at Square 2 yesterday. Many started chanting "Bodong! Bodong!" repeatedly as soon as 30-year-old Bom took to the stage.

The term "Bodong" was coined by fans who have been following Bom's new reality show, Roommate. The show stars 11 Korean actors and idols living in the same house with cameras capturing their every movement, and Bom has expressed interest in her suave housemate, Korean actor Lee Dong Wook.

This has led many fans to root for the pair to start dating, hence the compound, Bodong.

Bom, who had her dating ban lifted by YG Entertainment two years ago, is still single.

Anyone hoping for insight into the band members' love lives at the press conference was out of luck. All questions on dating were shot down by the strict Korean minders.

However, when asked about her potential love interest, Bom says in fluent English: "Everyone has been asking me about Dong Wook. Maybe I'll really choose him. I don't know."

This was met with deafening screams.

The quartet were in town for their All Or Nothing World Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night, which attracted over 7,500 screaming fans.

The tour has been making its way around the region over the past few months. But flying around with such a hectic schedule has not been easy for the idols, especially for Dara.

The 29-year-old says in English: "Everything about the tour has been fun so far. But I am afraid of flying, so it's difficult for me. Every time we have to fly, I feel scared."

Group leader CL, 23, adds: "I guess it's harder for Dara and Minzy because they can't eat anything while on tour. They have to show off their flat stomachs on stage."

Laughing, Dara chips in: "Yeah, I'm always hungry."

2NE1, who debuted in 2009, are now one of the top girl groups in the highly competitive K-pop industry and have bagged countless awards.

CL says: "People always ask us how we've progressed since our debut. I feel that it just gets better every day."

On the subject of dealing with haters, she coolly adds: "There will always be people who say negative stuff, we are used to it."

But there were no haters at the press conference yesterday. Fans told The New Paper on Sunday of their love for 2NE1's unique musical style and daring fashion sense.

Student Nur Tatiana, 17, says: "Their music is catchy and the lyrics are meaningful. They are also style icons."

Student Lim Yanshan agreed.

The 15-year-old, who queued up at 9am in the hope of catching a glimpse of her idols, says: "They are passionate about their music and very cool on stage. Yet, they are down-to-earth, funny and lovable. You can't help but love them."

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