Weather so warm on set in China, Niki Chow wanted to strip naked

29 August 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Niki Chow revealed that temperatures on set in Hengdian, China were so high, she contemplated stripping naked to beat the heat.

Yesterday Raymond Lam and Niki Chow were in Hengdian shooting the final scene for NowTV's new series The Virtuous Queen of Han, completing their 3 months of filming work. NowTV's executive Ho Lai Cheun was there to support them and didn't hesitate to lift up the fan and help Niki cool down. 

After the group completed the scene, they were really happy and held a traditional end-of-filming ceremony.

Niki expressed her greatest experience from filming in Hengdian was she suffered a heatstroke twice. "The temperatures here can go up to 50°C (122°F), truly so hot I could pass out. The moment I suffered from the heatstroke, I really wanted strip down and take everything off. 

The crew hired someone to help me 'gua sha' and gave me an energy drink, then I felt better. This is considered the most difficult moment in my whole career." Niki also celebrated her Lunar birthday with the crew and since they finished filming the series early, she can go back to celebrate her actual birthday with friends in HK.

When speaking of Karena Ng frequently flying over to Hengdian to visit her boyfriend Raymond, Niki laughed: "I was very concentrated on my work. (Did you envy them?) I thought they were so annoying!

Everyone asked me how sweet they were, so annoying." NowTV executive Ho Lai Chuen brought a fan to help Niki prevent getting another heatstroke, it appears she is well favored? Niki laughed: "Mr. Ho and I already knew each other back at TVB, we have known each other for many years. He had always treated me like a niece. We have a good relationship and you all shouldn't be thinking too much."

Raymond completed three series within a year in China, and was very excited to finally go back to Hong Kong. When speaking of Niki suffering from the heatstroke twice? Raymond laughed: "I have no fear, I have good health.

Fortunately I didn't get the heatstroke. (Is it because you are moisten by love?) The most important is working hard!" It was reported Karena BB asked him to buy a house, Raymond changed the subject to avoid the question: "I will not comment anymore. I've already issued a statement earlier. (Will you consider buying a home for your girlfriend?) I will not respond to nonsense." Raymond returning to HK early, the happiest must be Karena BB? Raymond laughed: "When I leave this place first."

This is producer Miu Siu Ching and her husband Lau Ka Ho's first time going to Hengdian to shoot a series. The couple praised the Mainland crew for making everything perfect, the allocation and flexibility is much better than TVB. Miu Siu Ching indirectly criticized TVB's last minute scripts.

She said: "We only start shooting when the script is out and rented two ~40,000 square feet studios for filming. We use actual scenery for the outdoor scenes and there are a lot more variation in the costumes."

They disclosed the series must go through approval in Mainland first and the forecast of its release is sometime next year.

Last night at the celebration, there were 3 large cakes to celebrate both Niki's birthday and Miu Siu Ching and Lau Kau Ho's wedding anniversary. When the group were cutting the cakes, Raymond joked it looks like they were cutting a roast pork at blessing ceremonies.

The birthday girl Niki took the opportunity to rush Raymond into marriage. "Hurry up and get married!" Raymond embarrassingly pulled back and laughed his hands started shaking after hearing that comment.

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