Watch out, Elvin Ng -- here are S'pore's new generation of TV hunks

18 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Watch out, Elvin Ng. A new generation of TV hunks has exploded in popularity in the past two years, amassing thousands of fans on social media.

According to an article in The Straits Times, among these single and eligible actors are classic bad boy Ian Fang, 24, and sunshine bloke Xu Bin, 25 - all with the X-factor that gets fans screaming their lungs out for them at public events.

Performance-wise, they are also getting noticed. Jeffrey Xu, 25, for example, edged out veterans the likes of Pierre Png and Rayson Tan, as well as Hong Kong TVB's Kenny Wong, to win the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Asian TV Awards in December last year for his role as a male nurse in romance drama Marry Me (2012).

Here are the six of the hottest young male stars gracing the gogglebox at the moment:


The Bad Boy

Appeal: Super self-confident and ever the smooth-talker, he reminds you of a younger, local version of Hong Kong's Edison Chen. Fortunately, Fang has not stirred up any scandals like Chen.

Breakout role: Playing the rebellious younger brother of Fann Wong's character in Channel 8 drama On The Fringe (2011)

XU BIN, 25

The Sunshine Boy

Appeal: One wide smile from this guy, and girls get all googly-eyed. Tanned, friendly and chatty, Xu radiates warmth and laidback charm.

Breakout role: Playing a bad boy-turned-good in school drama Don't Stop Believin' (2012)


The Dark Horse

Appeal: Towering at 1.84m and blessed with delicate features, Xu is often compared in terms of looks to K-pop idols. But it is his solid acting skills that have really put him in the spotlight, making him a serious competitor to even the most veteran of actors.

Breakout role: Playing a persistent male nurse in romantic drama Marry Me (2012), who continually gets rejected in love by his older colleague (played by Yvonne Lim)


The Jock

Appeal: Biceps and rock-hard six-packs. Need we say more?

Breakout role: Playing an enthusiastic army boy in television comedy Recruit Diaries (2013)


The Strong and Silent Type

Appeal: Quiet and brooding, Pang keeps fans interested by being a man of mystery.

Breakout role: Playing a rebellious teenager in Channel 8's I'm In Charge (2013)


The Artist

Appeal: Versatile and bilingual, Goh has carved out a career on channels 5 and 8, gaining fans across both. His thick eyebrows and intense glare have also made him a brooding heart-throb.

Breakout role: Playing a rebellious teenager and the long-lost son of an ex-convict (Li Nanxing) in Channel 8's On The Fringe (2011)

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