Was Wong Cho Lam’s romantic wedding proposal on TV just to boost ratings?

25 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

At an event to promote safe driving habits yesterday, three-time TV King Wayne Lai was asked to comment on the recently concluded TVB Anniversary Gala and the discussion generated by Wong Cho Lam’s marriage proposal to Leanne Li.

When it was speculated that Cho Lam’s gesture was to boost ratings for the Anniversary Gala, Wayne did not believe this was Cho Lam’s motive, reports JayneStars

Wayne said:

“It’s just to create a memorable moment! Honestly, ratings have nothing to do with us.”

Pointing out that there has been a downtrend in viewership ratings in recent years, Wayne continued:

“You can’t really compare with previous years because [viewers’] habits are different now.

"There are a lot of different methods for watching shows; you don’t have to sit down at a set time to watch anymore. As for myself, I still prefer watching TV during regular time slots.”

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