Was Vanessa Yeung's first love Nicholas Tse's assistant?

12 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Ever since Vanessa Yeung and Bosco Wong’s relationship was exposed, there have been talks that Vanessa’s first love is related to Nicholas Tse.

A latest report by Hao Bao mentioned that Vanessa’s first love was actually Nicholas Tse’s long-time assistant, Adrian who was called the ‘cousin’.

According to on.cc via Asian E-News Portal, Vanessa got to know Adrian at an advertising company when she was a part-time model studying for a degree in Lingnan. He reportedly won over Vanessa’s love after aggressive wooing. The pair even cohabited together.

Vanessa and Adrian broke up eventually as they both had different career developments and lesser time to see each other, but continue to keep in touch as friends.

When Vanessa published a cookery book two years ago, Adrian supported her on his blog, saying, “The babe Vanessa Yeung, I finish the whole book. One word is ‘Powerful’ and please buy a copy if you wish to learn!” A friend of Adrian also left a message which read, “Be together and get married!”

Having worked together with Nicholas Tse for many years, he has good friends in the entertainment industry. Some of Nicholas’ fans are now also his fans. 

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