Was songbird Teresa Teng dating Kenny Bee?

17 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Source: The Straits TimesTaipei - At the height of her fame about 30 years ago, was singer Teresa Teng dating then Wynners singer Kenny Bee?Bee on Sunday told a crowd of Teng fans he and the late Taiwanese singer "dated" and he even took many of the frequently seen portrait photos of Teng.Remembering Teng at a Taipei Arena concert marking the 18th year of her death and 60th birth anniversary, he said in a video clip: "With no paparazzi then, we could date normally without the media exaggerating things."Bee, now 60, used the Chinese term "jiao wang", which is commonly used these days to mean "dating".But backstage, the Hong Kong singer reportedly backtracked, telling someone privately that he and Teng were "good friends" and they did not cohabit, Taiwanese newspapers reported.On stage, the photography buff said he was the one who took a well-recognised photo of Teng, which shows her with her hands propped on her cheeks and a sprig on baby's breath in her hair.He even bought the baby's breath, he said at Sunday's show, where he sang Small Town Story, a Teng hit from the 1978 movie of the same name. Both were signed with the same record company and they met while he was filming the movie. They were in their 20s at the time.Giving further clues of their closeness, he said that,, once, after a Wynners performance in Singapore, he stayed back so that he could "justifiably watch" Teng's concert which was held later. She, in turn, flew in earlier to watch him perform with his band, he revealed.He said he was by Teng's side when she recorded Stroll Casually Through Life in Cantonese. On Sunday, he also sentimentally wore a suit he said he specially bought in France, because Teng loved the European country.Their relationship was short-lived as Bee later met his ex-wife Teresa Cheung in Canada. He now has two daughters with partner Fan Chiang.Teng died on May 8, 1995, aged 42. At Sunday's concert, 11 singers including Jay Chou, Fish Leong, Gary Cao and Jam Hsiao performed.Faye Wong is expected to sing at the next memorial concert in Beijing on Sunday.View photos of both Teresa Teng and Kenny Bee in the gallery below.

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