Was Gan Lulu's weight to blame for her fall to ground while hugging fan?

10 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Controversial celebrity Gan Lulu's weight has been called into question after she was thrown to the ground while locked in embrace with a male fan.

The incident marred an otherwise-good outing for Gan at a meet-and-greet session in a nightspot on Friday (Sep 6), where she also performed a few of her songs.

According to a CUTV report, the male fan got an opportunity to hug Gan after he won a contest by best mimicking the way she walked.

However, his hug seemed too strong when they embraced, resulting in both of them tumbling onto the ground together.

While her frame was touted as a possible reason for the fall -- she was wearing a pair of high-heel shoes -- it could also have been caused by the tipsiness of the male fan, which was not ascertained at the time.

She may have found herself in the spotlight for the wrong reasons yet again but this time, it may not be through any fault of hers this time.

One thing's for sure, though -- Gan seems to be never far away from the spotlight no matter the cause.

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