The Wanted's Jay McGuiness pinched fan's frilly thong

10 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Bang Showbiz NewsTom Parker was shocked when Jay McGuiness pocketed a fan's underwear.The Wanted singer couldn't believe his eyes when his cheeky bandmate kept hold of a frilly thong a groupie had thrown at him during a concert in Brazil.Tom said: "When we were performing at the Z Festival in Brazil, one of our fans threw a pair of red, frilly knickers on the stage. When Jay picked them up and put them in his pocket, I couldn't believe it!"I still haven't asked him what he plans to do with them... but he has been walking differently lately, ha-ha!"The 24-year-old singer insists he isn't tempted by all the attention and would never stray from his long-term girlfriend Kelsey Hardwick as she is the only girl he can trust.Tom told Top of the Pops magazine: "It's a bit cheesy, but I feel so lucky to have Kelsey! I can trust her because I knew her before I even got into The Wanted. I wanted to be with her over any other girl." The star also recently partied with Asian pop sensation PSY at the Avalon Hollywood hotspot in California, but was embarrassed when he couldn't pick up the dance moves to 'Gangnam Style' as quickly as his bandmates.Tom said: "You're meant to dance like you're riding a horse - I had a go, but the other lads were better than me!"

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