Wang Leehom slammed online for using racist slur on Weibo

17 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Wang Leehom recently posted a picture of himself on Weibo with the caption, "Taking chinked-out to the whole world. Going to New York for a show tomorrow."

According to a report on Yes Entertainment, some Chinese netizens found his comment offensive.

Some were even incensed to the point that they responded, "Return to your United States!"

'Chink' is a racial slur used to refer to people of ethnic Chinese origin.

Leehom's agency has since stated that the phrase 'chinked-out' was in past tense, and that the star meant that the time when Chinese are discriminated against is over.

In addition to the clarification, it called for the public to not misunderstand Leehom's meaning.

The phrase Chink-out occurs in the lyrics of Leehom's song Heroes of Earth, with the intention to express that Chinese pop music is progressing into the world. 

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