Wang Lee Hom's pronunciation boo boo will crack you up

9 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Taiwan-based singer-songwriter Lee Hom has made quite a few hilarious mistakes throughout his career, causing fans to dub him as 'Wang Jiong Jiong' (The 'Jiong' character represents embarrassment or awkwardness).

Recently, during one of the stops for his Music Man II - Open Fire world tour, the star found himself a laughing stock once again due to his poor enunciation, according to a report on

At every city that he sings at, Lee Hom greets his fans with the local greeting, hoping to lessen the distance between him and them.

He did the same for his concert at Shijiazhuang, China, on Friday night; shouting in local dialect right after the show began: 'Is tonight 'zhan' (awesome)?'

Unfortunately, his mispronunciation turned the phrase into 'Is tonight 'zha' (fried),' amusing the audience greatly.

Adding on to his embarrassment, Lee Hom made a mistake again while talking about his new album, which he has been working on for four years.

Fans gaped in disbelief when he pronounced the Chinese idiom 'Ru Huo Ru Tu (in full swing)' as 'Ru Huo Ru Cha' (the Chinese characters for 'Tu' and 'Cha' are very similar).

When the incident was spread on the Internet, many netizens laughed at him for 'destroying his heartthrob image with 'Ru Huo Ru Cha', though some thought he did it on purpose to raise the atmosphere.  

Die-hard fans even commented: 'You win, whatever you say.'

Lee Hom's company soon stepped up to address the issue.

They explained, 'The Lee Hom we know has a unique sense of humour because he's an ABC (American-born Chinese).

We've heard him say 'Ru Huo Ru Tu' while talking about his movie preparations, so he probably knows the right pronunciation, but decided to joke around that night.

He also likes to pronounce 'Tong Xue (schoolmate)' as 'Tong Xie'.'

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