Wang Lee Hom suddenly reveals photo of his unknown girlfriend

28 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago
It's official! Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Wang Leehom is now off the market.
According to The Star Online, Mandopop star Wang, who is usually guarded about his private life, announced on social networking sites that he had found his "Forever Love".
In his post, Wang introduced his 27-year-old girlfriend Lee Jinglei, a graduate student from Columbia University.
"She's not in the entertainment business so you don't know her, but I also don't want to create the opportunity for rumours," said 37-year-old Wang.
"I'm lucky to have met a girl to hold hands with and share my future," he added.
Wang said that both his parents loved her and that he hoped everyone would feel the same way.
His announcement came a day after he wrote that his job at times had been "very lonely" and that he was ready to "make a change" to his life.
"Many of my songs are about 'needing someone' and being a 'music gypsy', reflecting my long held hopes for love and family," he wrote.
"Finding that balance between passion for work and creating the life I so long for has been quite a journey, but now, I'm finally ready to make a change and have the best of both worlds," said Wang.
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